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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Sky Five

As promised yesterday, here's the continuation of my thank you's for my latest friends and followers!

1. Katie Corrigan - This is her second site. Yesterday, I thanked her too and this is another thanks as she followed me with more than one blog. Katie is a proud citizen of both the UK and the USA. Like me, she greets each day with grace, dignity and gratitude. And I am thankful to have a new friend like her! Please visit her sites and her wonderful and eclectic elegant hand made gifts.
a mix of silly and serious    

2. Jodi - She's a big time animal activist and loves her grandchildren to bits! Medical bills and prescriptions aside, her lively outlook and positive aura keeps her smiling each day. With the philosophy of Live and Laugh, you'd be hopping like a frog to follow her!

3. Ricardo Beltran - I couldn't agree less with his words "Life is an experience and experiencing life is an art." Step into a new dimension of art and be mesmerized with his 3D works! I believe some of them are called "light painting" or camera toss. And maybe, he has his own definition!
Beltran Studios

4. Ange Recchia - She's a Geek Girl blogger from Australia and ultimately involved in coaching budding Internet Marketers in Social Media and SEO training. What started as a mom looking for a work from home job, she is now a successful businessmom who's meeting peeps globally. She believes in the saying: what you think about comes about. And so should you!

5. Joanne Olivieri - also known as Jodapoet, her blog Poetic Shutterbug is a showcase of her poetry, photography and philosophical musings mixed with her travel escapades. She's a Californian who's won a trip to Hong Kong with her wonderful writings and now blogs about it and her despise with Today.com (lol)! But she has made a beautiful tribute to her mom by creating The Dorothy Olivieri Memorial Fund for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Please visit this beautiful hearted writer and tell her I said hi.

So for those who doesn't know yet, my simple rule in this blog is, if you follow me, I will follow you. And to update that rule, ...and get a linky love!