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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Twitter

1. So... without further adieu, I finally have a twitter! Yeah it's time to jump on the bandwagon and not be left behind. Please click the birdie and follow me!

2. And of course, I made my own twitter badge! I find it so cute how the little blue bird pops out of the daisy's nectar!

3. Now time to thank my newest friends and followers.
Jacky - Her mission in life is to spread happiness throughout the blogsphere. She is a devoted mom who gave up being a career woman to be the light of their home. Please say hi as you visit her blog.

4. Douglas Dorsey - She has many blogs (about 8 on blogger) but her main site is probably the Top 10 PTC sites blog. And of course, she blogs about earning online. I'm sure you will get a tip or two from her (or lots) when you visit her sites.

5. M Gravlee - He is a blogger who also owns a link directory named Linkoo. Get travel tips from the jet setter who not only travels by plane but also by web!


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