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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Re-Fresh

1. My day at work today ended miserably as expectations were not met. So here I am thinking of what I should thank for. One is, maybe at least its a weekend already and these 2 days away from work will be indeed "rest days" and give time for myself to refresh.

2. Sometimes my temper gets overboard. Especially if I am asleep and a loud banging wakes me. Ugh! So what should I be thankful then? That I am inside my house and have a PC or else I would bang right through the door of my neighbor and I avoided who-knows-what-may-God-help-me scenarios.

3. On to my online life, at least I'm having fun at Adgitize. Plus some extra cents a day in the long run may amount to something.

4. And to thank my 2 latest followers:
Friendship Society - They have a Blog! I mentioned them before but let me linky love their blog. You can visit them at the main members page at Ning. It's a social network for building friendships in a positive community.

5. And...
BC Doan - If you know what you want and love what you do, you will reach beyond any limits. That's a fine statement by BC and the blog Reach Beyond Limits focuses on health, positivism and beautiful things. Go visit and be mesmerized both in words and visuals.

Icy BC