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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Friends

I haven't updated lately but I do not forget to be thankful for each day! Today is special as I once again give thanks to my new friends and followers!

Mystique - She's a CSR (I believe this means Customer Service Representative) with the love of exotic seafood, the beach and boxing. She's a DropAHolic. Go figure. :-)
Mystique's Moments

Willa - A proud Filipina mom who now lives in Canada. She has 2 kids and posts all about them and her new life as an expat. She makes tons of linky loves, so go ahead and pay her a visit!

Kruel - Ah! My lawyer friend from Malaysia! I made him ec cards now I owe him banners. He's been a commenter here for months but only joined the follow me wagon recently. It's okay sweetie, I still luv yah! Smooches XoXoX. Please visit his sites:

Ask the Lawyer

Melinda - With 300+ followers, who wouldn't want to be one of her fabulous friends? She gives reviews, writes about food and gives tons of giveaways! She's also hosting a Summer Block Party and whoever wants to party out there should drop by her place!
Mommy's Idea

Katie - Although she is in the transition to a new site, GOASKKATIE.COM, you can still feed your curiosity and add more knowledge about anything under the sun. Want to know something? Music, books, videos, photography, recipes, shopping, women's or men's interests... Go ahead and ask Katie!

And since I limit myself for thanking 5 things (or persons) a day, the next 5 will be posted tomorrow.