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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Six

You know I am still thankful each day even if I skipped posting yesterday, right? Yes? Please believe me, with sugar coating on top? xxx

Today marks the 6 year birthday of the best Traffic Exchange Program I have seen! So let me celebrate this 6 years too! By adding a 6th thing to be thankful for.

1. First, let me show off my thankfulness to the No. 1 traffic generator of this blog, EasyHits4u! They not only bring people to your site, they also pay you for surfing! And not only with credits, but also with CA$H. And to read more about their birthday treat, read my post here

2. And, despite my urge to tease the title of today's post and change the "I" to "E", I am thankful I resist temptation! HA!! Although I can't move on without mentioning that nice assonance... thirstday thursday sixth sex. *wink*

3. I like my new look here so much I wanna thank the original code creator once again! Smooches to FinalSense

4. I have created a new system at work where everything is so scheduled on the dot that I let time pass so quickly that I do not realize it has been hours already! I find it so effective that not only do I see my accomplishments throughout the day, but also organize things by making a short summary or version through cutting down a larger work. (uhm, uhuh, boring business stuff, I know!)

5. I also know I hate the new boss, but let me thank him still. Because he contributed to this "system" in a way. But please take note that I have not and not planned on saying it directly to him. I am not a kiss-ass! Well, I better not mark my word yet though. LOL

6. And lastly, speaking of work, let me also mention that it is my 6th year as well at my present job. And I must admit, I am thankful for this roller-coaster ride of a career!