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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thinking Tuesday

And here I am again, a week delayed on my posts. How will I ever learn to change?

Thus despite my hectic schedule, let me treat everybody with an eye candy! Welcome to the new layout of Inlove with Daisies! *kudos* for myself. And *smooches* for everyone!

And, of course, the idea of having this day as another thankful five will not disappear. So here goes..... I am thankful today...

1. first, for those who have been placing comments and emailing me while I'm away from the blogosphere.

2. and of course, another day of being alive and healthy.

3. For having the patience of learning the new thing which is XML. Yeehaw!

4. I guess I should thank my inability to fall asleep, which lead into deep thoughts, which led into having the idea of changing my look (well, at least for this blog).

5. Lastly, for the new template altogether!

Hope everyone likes their stay here. Go on, feel free to scroll down and read more.

Bonus treat: Guess what? Have you noticed anything else different around here? *wink*