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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So here I am again skipping some days from my promised daily blog. Ho hum.... What's new Daisy?

For starters, let me greet y'all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

And for a slight change today, instead of the usual daisy flower, I search on flickr for daisy fireworks! Neat huh?

And another change exclusively for today, instead of 5 things to thank, I will be posting 5 new year's resolution. So I cross my fingers and legs(!) in hopes that I will live to these promises to myself.

1. Quit Smoking, except when drinking! (Some people promise to themselves to quit smoking every year but fail. In my case, I never tried quitting smoking so let's have it try, gradually that is, ha!)

2. Not to get late in voluntary work! (Well, these includes jobs that I don't get paid for plus a few favors here ad there)

3. Not to live with the past and learn to move on. (This is harder in reality, I guess. One sign that I moved on with an experience is when I write about it on my first blog Daisy Experiment. I seemed to get stuck with the story of D. All because, deep in myself, I feel I am still.)

4. Appreciate life more and be vocal about it. (This one I do,in this blog, that's why I scratched the first part. But I have to be consistent in being vocal about it.)

5. Lastly, make 365 posts on this blog this year. Less one (for today) and 364 to go.

So for those who would like to be a witness to this new phase of my life, feel free to "Follow this blog" or bookmark me. If you leave a trace that you did so, your link will be shown here as well.

And I won't last a day without thanking something or someone. So here goes...

Thank You for reading me, All You Little Stalkers! XoXoX