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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Woah!

1. I love shopping, and depression kicks in sometimes, but thank goodness I am not a shopaholic like this lady

2. I am also thankful for finding these cute and amazing circled daisies at flickr.

3. I am full of links today, but I am most thankful for linking back to some old online flame. XOXOX to Crim! Maybe we have more in common than we think, huh?

4. And today I feel better than yesterday and Monday. The more the last weekend goes further, the more I feel better. Well, don't ask me why. Let's just say that there are still "things" that I keep to myself.

5. So, for my last but not the least entry for today goes to a secret admirer who sent me a very sweet email a few days back. He has read my daisyexperiment's entire blog! You know who you are, and thank you! You really made my day.