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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Story Sunday

1. Another get-together with the family today. It's been a tradition to meet up this way every year and memories come in mind both bad and good. But for now, let me thank for the good memories. Only.

2. Ok, on second thought, to come together with my self-cleansing (oh yeah!) I need to thank the bad memories as well. I guess I won't be strong as now if it wasn't for them. I just wish that some things be permanently deleted from my head.

3. Oh well! Let's see later. Let me just thank the opportunity to see another fun day ahead.

4. And the lovely sunset that greeted me as I woke up. How the sun's rays softly glistened by my window's curtains.

5. And oh, I am in charge of the flower arrangements today. So thank you for my name and the flower it represents.....