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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Escapade

1. I know this may come a bit delayed in days, but thank you Shea for being my fist stalker. Oh, I mean follower. *wink*

2. And before I forget, there are just soooooo much to do this weekend. I still wanna thank for no idle time. I'm a person who easily gets bored.

3. for invention of mobile phones. Duh!

4. for the adventure that lies ahead. I am about to leave now for a hot date. Wish me luck!

5. and for the itinerary for today. A quick dip at The Baths. For those who haven't been there... it's one of my country's pride and joy. Here's a photo I found at flickr. Notice the man standing on the top? That's how huge these rocks are!

The Baths at British Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands (British)