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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Treat!

Let me continue what I started with this blog. To post 5 things that I am thankful for each day. I do that still, being thankful to 5 top droppers, 5 friends, 5 things, 5 movies, etc...

And I am ever so grateful to everyone who continually reads, place comments and visits my blog... And as a sign of my gratitude, here are 5 thankful treats just for YOU!

1. First, I am thankful that my other blog, Life Needs Retouches too, is now One year old! And soon, this blog will also be! I will continue and post as often as I can and visit and comment on the blogs of those who comments on my blogs!

2. And as a birthday treat, I am hosting my first ever Contest! So for the bloggers out there who are Entrecarders, or would like to be one, sign up here. If you did not join Adgitize yet and would like to sign up, I hope you read my contest rules before doing so!

3. You can now grab my daisy badge! Thanks to those who suggested and asked for my badge or button! Please scroll down my sidebar to see 4 samples, click it, and choose which one you like. I will have a page especially for all those who grabs them so please do drop a note if you did, so I can swap badges with you too!

4. Now I don't wanna forget to treat myself. With the lovely photos I place here on this blog, I admit all of them are from flickr. And I have to be honest, I am a frustrated photographer! *ouch* and the only way to teach myself to take good shots, is to have my own cam. So *blush* I hope someone can spare a buck so I can reach my goal. Please scroll down my sidebar to see how you can send some love my way. I would be very very grateful and have your link forever posted on this blog! I hope I am not too bold in asking this. XoXoX

5. Lastly, thanks to JessQ for reminding me of my "scary" blog profile. *wink* I totally forgot about that since I removed the link to my "dark side" blog. lol. Those who knew me online for quite a long time to reach the early days of this blog, would know what its all about but let me just share my new bio / "about me" to all of you...

"I believe that gold would only shine after it passes through fire, as diamonds would glitter after being hammered. That is how I see myself. I have been through it all, and now it's my turn to shine..." ~ DaisyGirrrl

* you know the drill,
first commenter gets a linky love!