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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Friends 95!

1. Tina - has 4 great blogs! And I can say I like them all! I first met her through Game FreakZ then later saw her other blogs Travel Shack and Gossip Avenue. She's a stay at home mom with 2 boys. She loves movies, gadgets, dancing and drinking! Well pretty much what I like to do too... She's not full of drama (coz we all see that in the movies anyways) but lives such a joyous simple life! She's an example of mothers who have fun being a mom. And despite all that house work, she is never too busy to be online. Say hello to Tina and drop her a note. She will comment back, I assure you!

2. Anne - also known as Chickamom, is one of my top first commenter, a Red Hot Lover! And I love her so... She loves to cook but not only for the hungry body but also for the soul. Her sassy baby Sasha is so awesomely cute! Give them a visit and a big big hug! I would recommend Anne to join in at Entrecard though I know she already have tons and tons of followers and visitors, because of her beautiful heart.

3. Mimi - This is her first blog and its a great mixed bag if you ask me! She features a blend of anything and everything under the sun. If you think you have found something great, maybe you should look here first, she probably posted about it already. Pass by to taste the blend and don't forget to drop her an EC love!

4. Czaroma - Adgitize members would know her so well. Her attractive badge is not only displayed all over the net but her modeling career as well. Ok, she's not a big shot model but some shows here and there, features in photo shoots, magazines, winner of contests and not to mention being in the birthday of a former First Lady, she is not only popular online but in the walking world as well! Visit her lovely blog and drop her a note, she would surely appreciate it. Btw, she was sick a few days back and I missed on reading about it because of my busy week, gladly she is okay now and back to her glamorous life.

5. The deMented Mom - Don't mistake her for a looney, now. lol.. She's a psychiatric nurse from Canada but also writes for a living. Her midlife mutterings and musings are taken from her everyday life with her 4 kids, her job and everything else in between. This fun-loving and funny gal would definitely make you laugh and give you pointers on how to handle parenthood.

A little bit late again for last Friday's post but I keep my promise. I shall follow All followers and friends and you get a linky love in a post! Love you all! Friends 95 to 100 will be posted next Friday!