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Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Movie Meme VII

Topic for this week is Your First R Rated Movie

Taking a stroll down memory, who wouldn't want to share that ever precious moment from youth when one sees their first R rated film?

Maybe someone who can't remember what movie it was?

Ok, before we go to the first, how about the second? Moving back to my childhood days, my earliest memory of a rated movie (that I actually remember the name) is The Blue Lagoon (1980).

Who could forget Brooke Shields having her first periods? LOL

But what I really cannot remember what was the title of the FIRST rated R movie that I saw. All because I was too young to even remember my age! It's possible that I still recall this because it was so disturbingly striking that I grew up afraid of sleeping in the dark. (Well, aside from growing up with my step dad of course)

And yes, it scares me until now (both above)

Anyway, I just remember being in my mom's room and we were watching the BETA. (Not even VHS was born then ~ lol, shows the age?) And I was sitting in front of the telly while my mom and her man (they weren't married yet then) was on the bed behind me. I can't remember if it was an english or mexican film or some other. I just remember seeing a nun sleeping on her bed being forcedly removed off her clothes. She was screaming and her necklace was used to tie her neck or something (could be her hands, I'm not sure). And then I saw her naked front! From head to toes! My mom went off the bed to get me and covered my eyes. I remember her man saying something like I wouldn't understand yet or something. It's all vague...

Anyway, I hope that didn't bring out the little devil in me! (lol) I tried to search for that movie until now but I still can't figure out what it was. And NO! I don't want to ever ask my mom what that movie was! Besides, she might have even forgotten it by now.

Sorry to disappoint the readers for not knowing what film it was. Although, searching on IMDB, here are just 2 movies that can possibly be it: (otherwise, your guess is as good as mine)


Alucarda (1978) | School of the Holy Beast (1974)

Would I want to re-live this nightmare to get it over with, or for some closure of some sort, by watching these films? What do you think?

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*Movie Meme was created by The Bumbles